Porsche Mobile Tuning For The Road

With over 40 years of experience, at JZM Mobile we have acquired extensive and in-depth knowledge of effective Porsche tuning techniques. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every car, driver, or scenario and we approach each vehicle as a unique challenge. Share your aspirations and specific Porsche model with us, and our skilled Porsche mobile technicians will provide tailored advice and modifications to help you achieve your goals.

Mobile Performance Upgrades

Whether you seek enhanced handling, weight reduction, improved braking or anything else, our team excels in refined Porsche tuning solutions. As long-standing Manthey-Racing tuners, our expertise in Porsche tuning extends to this elite level, complemented by our extensive experience with other tried and tested methods. Simply let us know what you want to achieve with your vehicle – we are confident that we can deliver the best possible performance.

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Chassis Enhancements

To refine handling and agility, we offer the following options:
• Lightweighting: Replacing body parts with carbon fibre and other lightweight materials can achieve a decrease in sprung weight. Our selection of exhaust systems from Akrapovič and JCR not only reduce weight but also transform the engine note into a symphony of power.

• Wheels and Tyres: Swapping out heavier wheels for lighter options from Porsche, OZ, BBS, HRE, or Manthey-Racing, paired with the right tyres, significantly improves road performance by reducing unsprung weight.

• Suspension Upgrades: Experience a transformation in handling precision with suspension upgrades from KW, Öhlins, or RSS. These upgrades minimise squat, dive, lift, and roll, improving acceleration, agility, and responsiveness through enhanced damping.

• Aerodynamics: We can utilise splitters, diffusers, turning vanes, canards, gurney lips, and spoilers to optimise airflow for maximum performance.

Powertrain & Drivetrain Enhancements

To unleash the power of the renowned flat-six engine, we offer ASNU ultrasonic injector cleaning, tuning maps, and airflow tuning options. We can fine-tune gearbox ratios, refine flywheels and clutches to suit your driving preferences, and adjust the gearbox’s final drive to optimise torque and top speed. Additionally, our expertise allows us to modify or install performance limited-slip differentials, enhancing corner traction and overall handling, an invention pioneered by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s.

Brake Upgrades

Upgrade your braking performance with options that suit your needs. Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) are 50% lighter than the standard factory option. We offer OEM alternatives, as well as formidable options from Surface Transforms, Performance Friction, and Alcon. Upgraded brakes not only improve brake feel and durability but also reduce unsprung weight, ironically improving your 0-60mph acceleration. We recommend tailoring brake disc/rotor, pad, and calliper combinations to your specific requirements.
Our extensive range includes:
• OEM Porsche Steel Brake
• OEM Porsche Ceramic Brake
• Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramics
• Pagid Racing Pads
• Manthey Racing Pads
• Big Brake Kits
• Many More

Porsche OEM Sport Upgrades

If your vehicle is equipped with the Sport Chrono Package, we can unlock its full potential. Enabling Sport mode for manual transmissions and Sport Plus mode for PDK transmissions delivers lightning-fast shifts and incredibly sharp throttle response. Some models even offer a full Power Kit option. Additionally, we can install Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) to switch between quiet and loud exhaust notes at the touch of a button, providing a satisfyingly powerful sound experience.

Click here to discover the Porsche OEM upgrades that we can add to your car.

Porsche Mobile Tuning

JZM’s mobile Porsche technicians can travel throughout Kings Langley Hertfordshire, Northampton, Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Greater London, Berkshire, Essex and further afield to meet your Porsche tuning requirements. Contact us today to book your Porsche mobile tuning.